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AB Positive Blood Type Diet Advices

khristy, November 23rd, 2014. Diet Tips - AB Positive Blood Type Diet Advices
Diet Tips : AB blood type diet

AB positive blood type diet will be different than other blood type diets. Every blood type is a special substance that enables it to do a better performance than any other blood type. But this better performance needs some triggers in order to run well and the trigger for this specialties are the choice of diet menus. Some foods can give a good effect in blood type and some other even can bring the risk of serious diseases. So before you it, please be wise and eat what you should eat.

AB Positive Blood Type Diet Needs
Diet for AB positive blood types is a little bit complex sometimes as it has two kinds of antigens that are owned by A blood type and B blood type. The A antigen set the stomach to have a weak acid and the B antigen motivates the consumption of meats for the body. The AB actually cannot fulfill the desire of B as the low acid that it has will give a slow metabolism for the meats. If you want a supply for protein, tofu and soybean cake will be best choices for you as this thing is mainly created from the vegetables.

Type AB usually works well with grains. Consuming too many grains also is not allowed as grains will create a strong acid in the muscles of AB types. The best thing for diet with grains for AB type is rice as rice produce less acid than other grain like wheat or oat. Type AB is also doing fine with all dairy products. All dairy products will give many benefits to the AB positive blood type diet but you should also stop when you have felt excessive mucus in the consumption.

The next good foods for Positive Blood Type AB Diet are vegetables and drinking more water. Vegetables will help much in increasing the immunity system in our body as in common; AB type has a weak immunity compared to the other blood types. Some alkaline fruit may help you to keep a safe appetite for grains as the substance of alkaline fruits is able to prevent or fight acid building in the muscles. For AB, tomatoes which mostly cause ill in many blood type will not cause anything in AB types.

Forbidden Foods for AB Positive Blood Type Diet
There are many foods which are also forbidden to be eaten in AB type diet. Those forbidden things for meat are beef, chicken, pork, quail, duck, venison, and veal. These meats have a strong texture that it will be hard to be digested as the AB has a low stomach acid in it. The weak acid only enables to digest some meats like rabbit or turkey. For the seafood, all shellfish are not allowed for AB like lobster, crabs, shrimps, and the other shellfish.

For the AB blood type that needs good health every day, you are better maintaining your supply of food in order to get the best performance in your day. You should be aware about what you need and what you eat and you will get all those benefits from AB blood type diet.

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