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Blood Type B Diet for You

khristy, November 22nd, 2014. Diet Tips - Blood Type B Diet for You
Diet Tips : Blood type B diet

Blood type B diet will give many benefits if you can do that thing well. As we know that blood type B usually easy to suffer a disorder in the immunity systems like lupus or multiple sclerosis. The disorder in immunity system can make the body vulnerable to any kind of disease. So for better health, type B should do a proper diet process in order to get a good result that will not risk the health. For B type, the kinds of food that are allowed to be eaten actually vary from many foods.

Unhealthy Food for Blood Type B Diet
There are also unhealthy for diet blood type B. Those unhealthy foods can affect the efficiency process of metabolism because there exists various lectin in the food. The consequence of different lectin will make a hypoglycemia or fluid retention in the body. The examples of these foods are peanuts, corns, lentils, sesame, and buckwheat. In the wheat germ, there is a gluten lectin that will slow the metabolism down.

The other food to be thrown away for B type Blood is the chicken. Chicken seems delicious and full of nutrients, but it will be effective for other blood types except B type. In the chicken meat, there is an agglutinating lectin that will increase the risk of strokes as this substance usually attacks bloodstream that sometimes will disturb its flows or even stop it. Another meat that should be avoided by B type is the shellfish as this meat have a lectin which is disruptive to its system.

For Blood type B diet, you must avoid seeds and nuts as it will disturb the production of insulin in your body. This will interrupt your energy production as insulin usually helps you to process the energy synthesizing from the sugar which is contained in your blood. Then you should not eat tomatoes if you are B Blood type diet. The lectin in tomatoes can irritate the lining in the stomach.

Healthy Food for Blood Type B Diet
The foods that are allowed for type B diet are plenty. For the meat, you are recommended to eat rabbit, lamp, venison, and mutton. The substance in this meat will help you increase the immunity systems in your body. For other meat that is allowed is the beef and turkey. These foods although is not as beneficial to rabbit and lamp, but it is allowed for you. Many fishes that live in the deep ocean are suitable for B type. The examples of these fishes are like cod, salmon, and trout. The best thing about B type is that it can enjoy all products from dairy. Cheese, milk, and other dairy have the same sugar that consists in blood type B.

For you who have a B type blood, it is better for you to choose the foods which are suitable for your blood. If you are random in choosing foods, you will end up risking yourself or having useless food that will make your body grow bad. The best thing for you who have B type is following Blood type B diet.

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