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Diet for Those With Blood Type O

khristy, October 14th, 2014. Diet Tips - Diet for Those With Blood Type O
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O blood type diet, for those who have type O blood group, want to lose weight with a healthy diet can follow this diet way. Diet for those with blood type o allow to get a slim and lean body and flat stomach. To get all of that, of course you have to follow this diet type of blood in order to get maximum results.

Menu for o blood type diet:
Types of vegetables are good for you consume the potatoes, green broccoli. But there is also that you have to limit the carrots, ginger, cucumber, mushrooms and asparagus. Enter these vegetables in the diet of your diet for two times a week.

Side Dishes
For these types of side dishes that should be restricted to this diet is duck, tuna fish, rabbit meat and abalone. Not that it is forbidden to eat meat, but only limited.

These foods are strongly advised to be eaten than rice. Please use this bread as a good substitute for rice as long as you do this diet. Every now and then simply eat rice, but a reasonable amount.

Avoid stress
For those of you who have blood group O are at risk of stress are very fast compared to other blood groups. Reduce the risk of stress is very influential on the success o blood group diet. Usually the health problems that are often experienced by people with blood type O is digestive problems, it is advisable to reduce the acid foods and spicy as well as dishes made with coconut milk.
In addition to digestive problems, people who have blood type O is at risk of suffering from high blood pressure (hypertension). For the balance of your meals with vegetables and fruits are healthy and fresh.
Similarly, article o blood type diet, may be useful for you all.
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