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How To Handle Weight Loss Plateau

khristy, November 30th, 2014. Diet Tips - How To Handle Weight Loss Plateau
Diet Tips : How To Handle Weight Loss Plateau

If your weight loss plateau is still stalled, do not be tempted to go back to the bad old lifestyle. The following tips can help you restart your weight loss. You have worked hard to improve diet and exercise habits, and you have seen the result with weight loss continues to decline. But then without reason that you know, your weight loss stalled although you still consume healthy foods low in calories and exercising regularly. You have experienced the so called plateau of weight loss or weight loss stalled.

If this is the case you do not get too discouraged, you should know that weight loss plateau is reasonable. By understanding what causes weight loss plateau, you can decide how to handle and avoid the temptation to return to a healthy lifestyle. Weight lost plateau or stalled weight loss happens when you no longer weigh down even though you still live a healthy life habits. This generally happens to everyone who tries to lose weight. Although this is a common thing, most people are surprised when it happens to them, because they believe that if they maintain a low calorie diet, they will continue to lose weight.

What causes the cessation of weight loss plateau?
The development of the initial weight loss plateau until the cessation of weight loss followed a certain pattern. During the first few weeks of a weight loss program, quick weight loss is normal. This is because when the calories from food are reduced, the body gets the energy required to release stored glycogen, the type of carbohydrate found in the muscles and liver.

Cessation weight loss plateau occurs because you start losing muscle mass of the body which then slows down your metabolism. You will burn fewer calories doing the same activity as compared to when you perform the activity at the time of your weight is still excessive. Your weight loss efforts generate new equilibrium with the slower your metabolism. In the new equilibrium if calories in equals calories out. This means that to lose more weight, you need to increase or decrease the activity of the calories you eat. By using the same diet and exercise that initially lost weight will just maintain your weight, but it will not cause weight loss further.

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