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How to Maintain Good Average Body Mass Index Men

khristy, November 10th, 2014. Diet Tips - How to Maintain Good Average Body Mass Index Men
Diet Tips : Average Body Mass Index Men

Average body mass index men is the average weight that we have in accordance with our height. This rate varies from the healthy to unhealthy one. Having a medium size of body will not always ensure a good body mass index for men. The body consumes a certain energy in our body according to the size of the body. The height and the weight in different sizes will have different consumptions of energy. The imbalance body mass index will give an imbalance condition in our body that can threaten the health.

The Measurement of Average Body Mass Index Men
There are four indications in body mass index for men. The indications show the condition of the body when it is in a certain ratio of body mass index. The first ration is the underweight body mass index. This value is less than 18.5 which means you do not have the ideal body mass index in your body. The next is the healthy body mass index. Healthy body mass index ranges from 18.5 till 24.9 values. This value is a safe value for average body mass index for men.

The average body mass index men for overweight body mass index is 25 up to 29.9. In this rate, you usually get a big body that you need to be reduced for the sake of your own health. The high rate fate also implicates with the high rate of cholesterol. The last measurement is the obese stage. The obese stage is the unhealthiest conditions as in this condition you will have a terrible overweight. The value of obese in body mass index is 30 or more.

The body mass indexes above are the sign that show our condition. The underweight is not a good condition too as it will make you felt tired fast. The overweight also produces more risks for our health. Not only making us tired easily, but overweight can increase the risk of heart attack that is really dangerous. As we know that heart attack is the largest causes that have taken people life in the world.

How to Maintain Average Body Mass Index Men
Maintaining average body mass index is not really a hard thing. If you have an underweight condition, you can start by fixing some activity in your life. Doing workout or exercise is the best way for increasing body mass index as out body will have a better metabolism. A better metabolism will provide a good absorption of nutrients in our body. For the overweight, to stabilize the body mass index, exercise also becomes a great mean as exercise will burn the calories effectively, so the fat will be reduced in significant way.

The next thing to maintain body mass index is controlling the supply of nutrition in our body. Our body needs to be controlled when eating, so you will have to choose the food that has good nutrients for us. In example, for underweight, you can add more carbohydrates in your food, when overweight can add more protein to reduce the intensity of hunger. Those are the way to get a better average body mass index men.

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