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The Fastest Way to Lose Wight: Swimming to Lose Weight

khristy, November 5th, 2014. Weight Loss Exercises - The Fastest Way to Lose Wight: Swimming to Lose Weight
Weight Loss Exercises : The Fastest Way to Lose Wight Swimming to Lose Weight

Swimming to lose weight is a good way for losing your weight. Losing weight is important as it gives many benefits in our life. Big body usually consumes much energy in our body as you will need more efforts in doing an activity. The big body is also a sign of high amount of cholesterol in our blood. This high cholesterol will increase the risk of heart attack which is caused by the stuck of cholesterol in our bloodstream and then stops the flow of the blood.

The Eases in Swimming to Lose weight
Swimming is a great way to lose weight as this exercise gives different feeling. First, swimming is a fresh exercise as it is done in the water. The water will not make you feel sultry and will not make you get sweated. The next, swimming usually moves many parts of our body so the burning of the fat and cholesterol will be effective in all parts of our body. Swimming is really safe sport as its physical risk is not as much as the other exercises. For example, the risks of soccer are like a fracture, sprain, skin injury, and the other while the swimming risks are only like cramps and sprain.

The Effectiveness of Swimming to Lose Weight
The effectiveness of swimming to lose weight has been proved to be true. Swimming is comparable to the other hard workouts like running or cycling. The amount of calories which is burnt is same with running and cycling and the shape of muscles will be shaped into wonderful body. Swimming moves the whole parts of the body, so it will increase all body’s flexibilities and stretch your body to be taller.

The burnt calories when we are swim are around 0.45 to 0.75 kilo calories each hour according to the stroke and this is the average result for women whose weight is around 150 pound. Swimming is far more effective than walking itself as walking only burnt 0.27 kilo calories in our body. This effectiveness is the main reason why swimming for losing weight is fast in reducing weight.

The Burnt Calories in Strokes of Swimming to Lose Weight
The first stroke is freestyle or front crawl stroke. In estimated weight of the around 150 pound, this stroke can burn up around 0.476 kilo calories in light level and 0.75 kilo calories in vigorous level. Butterfly stroke can burn up to 0.748 kilo calories in one hour of this swimming stroke. Then the sidestroke will burn around 0.544 kilo calories in an hour. The next one is the backstroke which approximately can burn 0.476 kilo calories per hour. The last is the breaststroke that burns the calories up to 0.68 kilo calories each hour.

Losing weight with swimming does give the fastest way in losing weight with many eases and benefits. There are many strokes that provide various ways in burning the calories so you can choose what strokes that make you feel comfortable while swimming. If you plan to find an effective way to lose weight, the solution is swimming to lose weight.

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